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Music Festival Dilemma

When it comes to music festival, a lot of people are so into it because it is cheaper and mostly being offered for free. I never been to a music festival myself but in curiosity, I would love to be at the music festival for once to witness and really to experience it overall. Actually, some of the people I know of love to go to a music festival.

One time my mother in law invited me yet I never had a chance to go to because nobody will watch my kids. I don’t think it is a good idea to bring little children at the music festival though because it is congested with people and I don’t want to be in burden to keep watching my kids instead of enjoying myself with music. I heard some good things about it too with all event supplies and concession machines at the music festival; it makes everything fun and exciting! There’s food, stuff to buy, kids to enjoy, and mostly some music festival have contests and sweepstakes.

Unfortunately, I have found out that music festival is quite a place for those people who are mostly unattached and single, I don’t know if that’s true but that sounds familiar to me. I also have seen various fatal accidents and stampede during music festival too through the news because of the unreliable construction of the stage and such. It is so sad to know that some producers never even thought of protecting these people.

Moreover, it confirmed after I found this infographic. What do you think? Are you still interested on going to a music festival? We all know it’s fun but sometimes fun had some negativity in it too. You decide.

Music Festivals Infographic
Infographic Provided by EquipSupply