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This is Tae Bo!

It's been almost a week now that my knee were feeling better. I'm so glad because it means one thing, I could back to work out pretty soon. I missed exercise, I felt that I'm gaining weight again. I thought, I should have been watching what I ate for these past few weeks because I felt so tired and lazy again.
So, I decided to motivate myself on something. I went to a nearby department store and grab myself a new workout DVD and that's where I found this Tae Bo DVD by Billy Banks. It's the definitive Tae Bo workout for maximum fat burning. I love Tae Bo because it's a form of kickboxing and punching. I love the idea of how Billy Banks makes his DVD more fun and help every one step by step, giving proper form of how to do it especially with basic moves. The eye catching of this DVD is the promising of dropping 5 pounds in one week! Hmm...sounds exciting, huh?!
Now, I can't wait to start and share to you my progress! I hope my knee will cooperate with me, this time. I think I'm not used to wearing high heeled shoes anymore because I think that's where I got it injured. I also minimize Zumba since it eventually uses a lot of movement on lower area of the body. I decided to give my knee some more kick off as I continue my journey to losing weight. Well, it's time to really lose weight and this time, let's do Tae Bo! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Adin B said...

Mommy, I used to do TaeBo when I was in Pinas and I did like it. My aunt used to have them and since they didn't use it, I borrowed it from them. Good luck!

Adin B said...

Hope your knee feels better mommy and good luck on your journey! :)