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Coping Up with Grief

It's been almost a month already since my father died. Yet, the pain still lingers. Though, I get my life joggling with busy schedules of home and work, still there are times when I felt the urge to cry out. When it happened to me, I thought I was crazy and just over reacting, but as I read along an article, it is quite normal response. Grief is normal when it comes to losing someone and it is the only way of coping things up. I know it will always be here with me to mourn and to grieved, but I know it will take time to heal that will someday enable me to renew myself and move on.

Though, tough times like this happened. One thing, I always never get out of myself, a correct way of thinking. I still need to take good care of myself. Though last month, I was glad my husband were home, I was able to just grieved and cried. And he's the one taking good care of our kids because I don't really feel of doing anything at all. I rather just sit and just talk to my family back home. There's a changes on my eating habits as well, I have problem sleeping at night and also I just don't have energy to do anything.

Now, I was able to do it. I think I am back on track. Sometimes, when I think about my father, I just cry. The only means I could do to ease the pain, I felt just to make me feel better somehow. Though, I still have the denial but I think I'm done with the depression stage now. There is still a little bit of anger towards everything, but I'm there, almost accepting the fact that my dad is gone. I know together with my family and friends, I will be able to work well on my healing process.



Mary Traina said...

Honey, a loss like that is huge. And having gone through three of them, I can say the stages thing is a little overdone. It all comes in waves, and as time goes on the waves are less overwhelming, gentler, but then something will catch you and it's like it happened yesterday. It takes longer than we think it will. And it's really hard to be happy, sometimes, knowing the pain of loss is simply a part of life. Luck and love to you.